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First journal entry, I guess.

Written by Harry Casey

Hello there dear visitor whom happens to read this journal entry, I am Harry, not the wizard guy. I run this blog and well, this is my first article, a little introduction shall we call it. It’s not gonna be too long or too detailed, I will just give you all some insight in my career and tell you about some of the things I find utmost interesting. So let’s get started shall we?

So as my poorly described bio clearly states, I used to be a writer, not a good one but i was a writer alright! I’m always trying to improve so cut me some slack. I used to work as a freelancer, you know the kind right? I’d write anything for anyone, within reason, for a certain amount of money. Things were not going too bad at the time but I felt like something was definitely missing from my day to day life, so I tried writing things for myself, things I find interesting and maybe some other people would find joy in them as well!

After many years of trail and repeat I finally decided it’s time to take it to the next level. Creating this website, I’ll post whatever my heart finds content. I guess I wasn’t too much into writing because I didn’t notice how much I hated it, I also had other activities besides just writing content, but all of those soon got old and I had to look for something to keep my interest levels above the water. Anyway enough about me, let’s talk history. Any kind of history interests me, as long as it had an impact on the globe I consider it fascinating. I’ll briefly describe what I personally think history means, it’s not just about fights and empires, it’s a tiny bit more. Just imagine, making something small and insignificant that starts out as a hobby and have it evolving into a world changing idea. Just wow. That’s history in a nutshell for you, at least history as seen through my curious eyes.

Now I can see what you are thinking, history is not my favorite thing in the whole world, first reason being simply the fact that it is boring. I’ll have to say I used to think the same, most history lessons are boring, there’s no doubting that, but if you take time to think about the interesting facts that history has to offer, you will eventually find yourself enjoying history. Maybe you will even end up making a blog about it, wink wink.

I will also have some friends helping me manage the website so don’t be surprised if you see them around!

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Harry Casey

I am pleased to see you here, my name is Harry, I'm 23 years old and I've been passionate about writing for a couple of years now. Funny thing is I used to hate writing because I never wrote anything that sparked my attention, I always wrote what other people told me to write. Now the tables have turned and here I am. Historical facts intrigue me and I thought I'd give a new website a shot.

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