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The Kite Experiment

kite experiment by ben franklin
Written by Lloyd Jacqueline

Electricity was invented almost 2 centuries ago, in 1879. We’ve been paying bills ever since just to have this power of nature under our very control. It powers the whole world around you and 90% of businesses and companies could not even exist without it.

Electricity wasn’t exactly invented, we discovered a use for it and learned to control it without causing any damage. It is nailed in the very heart of modern civilization, without it we’d be in the dark, literally. No electricity means no Internet, TV or fridge. Not to mention that you won’t be able to stream Netflix anymore. What a shame.

The Benjamin Franklin Kite Experiment is famous world wide, there’s people that know Benjamin Franklin is the guy with the kite and electricity but they have no idea he was one of the founding fathers. The Kite Experiment took place in Philadelphia of 1752. It consisted of one kite, string, a key and one Benjamin Franklin father and William Franklin son. This stunt was meant to prove that lighting has electric tendencies. Benjamin was right, for when he tried to touch the key with his fingers, electric sparks came out. It is less known, but Franklin was a president at some point in his life, that’s one of the reasons you find him on the hundred dollar bill.

benjamin franklin kite experiment

We learned to control electricity, just like we learned to control fire, keep in mind those are two titans of nature. A enormous amount of energy in a small place, after many years of research, theories and discoveries we locked electricity inside high tension wires. Traveling across borders and land masses with the help of transmission towers, all of that to provide power for the world.

In 1887 Heinrich Hertz created a device for creating and detecting electromagnetic waves which would later help him figure out a way to create electricity sparks more efficiently.

Alternative energy is surrounding us, wind, water, rain and even the sun. We have turbines which use the masses of air in order to move and create energy, dams use the power of the moving waters like rivers. Power plants are factories of energy, the raw product goes in and electricity comes out. Sadly power plants are not the healthiest way of creating energy for Earth and that means using them slowly destroys the ecosystem.

alternative energy power plant

New ways of creating energy more efficiently are found every day, but only a handful will actually see the light of day. Coal is still being used as a source of power but we know that ran its course a decade or so back and is no longer a viable option for maintaining energy alive. I have no reason to believe that humans will ever stop using coal, it will not be the main power source anymore is all I am saying. At first glance this might sound harsh but let’s not forget coal got heat into our homes and steam trains or rail tracks, all of that was achieved by a lump of coal.

Wave pallets are the new trend, they exploit the power of water waves. The principle of this is mere simplicity, when a pressure sensitive plate is pushed it creates a certain amount of energy, place said plate in the ocean/sea and let the waves do the pushing for you. There are some prototypes around the world’s waters but they are not exactly what one would call esthetic. Little progress has been when it comes to looks, for now they get the job done and that’s all that matters. Solar power has the most expensive production value but it returns a terrifying amount of energy back, it pays for it self in a matter of years, if done on a bigger scale. Please leave a comment or message me with information about any more alternative energy sources that we could add.

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