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Origins of the Light Bulb

origins of the light bulb
Written by Harry Casey

You may not give too much thought to light bulbs, you may not even acknowledge their existence! We know all too well why that happens, we take it for granted, it’s like it was always there, since the moment we were born! Well, it was there for us, but not for the people 150 years ago. Stick with us as we take a plunge into the origins of the underrated light bulb and its journey through mankind’s history.

The prototype of the light bulb originates over one and a half centuries ago, in 1879 created at the hand of Thomas Edison, but that’s only half of the story. In reality, Edison only created the world’s first marketable light bulb, not the first one to work or emit light. The father of the light bulb dates back in 1802, Humphry Davy made a lamp by connecting a battery and a piece of carbon with wires, the carbon glowed brightly, being the actual first light bulb, with many to come after. The light bulb had only one issue, it was shining too bright and it was impractical in the every day usage. All of this happened before Edison took it upon himself to create a practical light bulb.

Prior to creating his company, Edison Electric Light Company, Thomas experimented different ways of creating light, sticking with carbon as it could last well over 1200 hours. In 1880 his company started selling light bulbs only to be bought by Consolidated Gas between 1898 and 1901 (the exact date is unknown). Years the company stayed unchanged, until in 1936 the name was changed to Consolidated Edison and still is today a company of great value and importance, well known in the industry. If all of that wasn’t enough, Henry Ford himself was an engineer for the company when it first laid its roots in history, he was promoted to Chief Engineer in mid 1893. He started his own company in 1903, the Ford Motor Company, the same company that will go and make one of the most iconic vehicles in the world, still used today.

Thomas Alva Edison

You may also have these kinds of thoughts in the shower but, what if Edison would have never invented the light bulb, what would we be using? Would someone else invent something similar targeting the same reasons? We would probably still have light, maybe in different forms, or maybe still light bulbs, as I said before, Thomas was not the first to invent the idea of the light bulb, so someone could just pick that up and make it his.

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