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Surfing the web and the net is not the same thing.

Written by Harry Casey

We’ll start todays topic off by saying that not everything you see is real, there, or that it even exists. Take your screen for example, you see a bunch of letters and colors, that’s it, there is no font, there is no page, it’s all created by the device you use to surf the internet.

Now that we finally got that out of the way let’s get on with the topic : Internet.  The closest thing to internet before it appeared was a network of computers connected to each other, able to communicate using certain protocols.


When internet came around, it connected computers on a global scale to eventually become what we today call the world wide web, internet, or whatever. The first time people came up with the idea of using connected computers on a global scale, well, let’s say they weren’t too eager on doing it, they thought it wouldn’t be useful, or even remotely successful. Little did they know, that in the future, the internet connects everything, almost.

During the 1960s a bunch of great minds collaborated to create the internet but they found more efficient methods ended up being used. Now, you may not believe this but we only started using the word “internet” in the year 1974, quite a big chunk of time since we first started using it, back then it was called “the internetwork“, sounds like a really bad pasta recipe if you ask me.

Michael from Vsauce took a dive in and discussed this subject in detail, he talks about the invention of our loved web and somehow he ends up talking about books and what would have happened if they were invented after the video games and web surfing.

On October 29th 1969, exactly 100 days after landing on the moon, big step for mankind, blah, and so on. We sent the a letter on a screen across the internet, said word was “login“, they sent the first two letters through and then the system failed, it had crashed, what a bummer.

Worry not, even so, we had managed to send digital data across the globe in a matter of a fraction of a second, that must be something, we were definitely going places! At first, the internet was based on hierarchies, it didn’t make any sense and traveling, or surfing as we call it now, was close to impossible. Not really, but you get the idea, you had to visit a link 10 times before finding what you were really looking for, that pissed of a guy named Tim Berners-Lee.

In March of 1989 he wrote a document where he argued that notes with links as references between them is way more useful than the current system. Basically was proposing the creation of the web, that’s right, THE web you, me, your uncle and your dog know about. Tim Berners-Lee connected hypertext with the internet making surfing from one page to another possible.

The internet connects participants, the web connects information.

As a matter of fact, you can see the computer Time Berners used to create the world wide web at the London Science Museum. It was basically a server that kept the internet alive 20 years ago, if you unplugged it, you would literally shut down the internet on a global scale. Leaving people wondering why they can’t check their Facebook notifications!

Humble beginnings

Worlds first official website was info.cern.ch and it is up and running to this day, you can go and take a look if you want, it won’t byte! Ha! Internet jokes.

If you are wondering why we call traveling through web pages, “surfing“, it’s because people thought the internet was like the ocean, uncharted and full of mysteries. Thus using the word “surf”. Or probably because most of the internet is known as the deep web and it takes up about 80% of the total internet, but who knows. We even got pirates here, floods and more, it’s gotta be the ocean thing, definitely.

Before finishing the bore session I’ll tell you one quick fact about the web, it is estimated that every web page is an average of 19 clicks away from any other web page out there. The web is one huge sea, and we are surfing it, in a yacht perhaps. Thank you for reading, take care and be on the look out for pirates! Yarr!

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