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The legend of the guy who invented phones

Written by Harry Casey

You’re probably using a phone to read this, it comes to no surprise that the majority of us use those devices in our day to day lives. Worry not, you shouldn’t be ashamed of it, you should embrace it, after all what purpose has evolution if we don’t put it to good use? The world of phones has come a long way, and I mean that, a very long way from what it was. One hundred, twenty years ago, people would give you funny faces if they saw you taking a photo with your phone or even play a game on it, let alone the fact that said phone has no buttons and you touch your screen with your finger in order to command it.

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Every time you find yourself walking down the street you notice phones, smartphones. People take selfies, they message their friends, they play games, they browse memes. I’m amazed some phones fit in people’s hands, they’re huge! Did you see the new Galaxy Note? The thing is 6.3″, how are you even supposed to hold that with one hand! Anyway I digress, point is, smartphones can do pretty much anything a normal computer can do, at a compact and reliable size! As a phone user I bet you too play games on it, then you’ve heard of Clash Royale am I right? The world wide wonder itself, our new sponsor is a Clash Royale fan and he wants to help others gain Gems the easy way using his Clash Royale Gems Hack in game, have fun! Back to the task at hand.

Using your screen in order to call people? What kind of sorcery is this? Scary times, I know. If we go back 50 years, you’ll find that phones were not even that common. Sure you’ll have your common household phones that can’t be tucked in your pockets and require stone age dialing before use, but that was it. Agencies and the government had access to more sophisticated equipment, those brick like phones which you could carry in your work case with the help of two to three people.

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Now let’s say you go back one century, besides the probability of being called a witch and have the people burn you at the stake the moment anyone noticed your majestic piece of human evolution, you would also look like a time traveler to anyone there. Fortunately time travel is not a thing yet, you’re safe, for now. Let’s take a minute and talk about the legend whom gave go to the device you are currently holding. That is the tricky part, the phone was not invented by only one guy, a multitude of individuals worked on different somewhat similar projects and it became what today we call a phone. It is very possible that phones wouldn’t even exist to day if Graham hadn’t invented it.

The pioneers of this domain are as follows : Johann Philipp Reis, Charles Grafton Page, Charles Bourseul and then some more. All those people helped improving the phone we know today a great deal but the one to really break grounds and raise bars was Alexander Graham Bell. You probably know as much about this guy as the next person, it’s no issue, history never really taught us anything remotely useful about him, it was merely mentioned that he helped create the phone, a banality. He managed to create the first practical phone and is the founder of the popular American Telephone and Telegraph Company also known as AT&T, founded way back in 1885 by said person. My thoughts are that Graham is one of the people who started the great evolution of technology, with something as simple as the phone we all grew to love so much.

Even if Alexander Graham Bell practically invented the worlds first working phone, he never stood up to it, he claims that his work as a scientist was way more considerate than the ground breaking device he had just invented.

alexander bell's phone

The road Alexander took in order to give life to his creation was not easy, on March 7 1876 he issued a patent covering “the method of, and apparatus for, transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically…”. After doing so he resumed his work and only three days later he managed to get his first phone to work and the first words to ever be spoken through a phone were

“Mr. Watson – Come here – I want to see you.”

Probably a quote not as famous as Neil Armstrong’s mankind quote, but a great one nonetheless.

Like all the great stories Bell had a few road bumps in his way, in order to get his creation to work he used Gray’s water transmitter design after his issued patent was granted, thus theoretically making him a thief, but that’s not the end of it. Bell wanted it all so he started work on an electromagnetic telephone which has no correlation to Gray or his transmitter, with the work he put in his new electromagnetic phone he stopped using Gray’s projects ever again.

Bell did consider selling the patent and all the rights that come with it at some point, he asked for $100,000 to gain ownership of the phone. The president of Western Union did not agree and said that the phone is but a toy which had no chance of surviving the years to come, a one time wonder. In the course of two years things had slightly changed and he was only going to sell the patent for a minimum of $25 million, reason being the investors he had gathered to help mass create his invention. It was just a matter of time until him and his investors were millionaires, that’s the road that got him to what we know him as today.

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