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World’s first emoji and first video game

Written by Harry Casey

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I’m not interested in a particular kind of history topics. I’ll take anything as long as it keeps my interest up.

One of the things I wish to talk about today is the worlds first emoticon, or emoji as the cool kids nowadays call them. Kelvin Calder MacKenzie, does that name ring any bells? Thought so. He invented the very first emoticon, sent as a simple “-)”. I know it doesn’t look like much, but at the time, it got some laughs and smiles out of people. A few years later the emoticon was upgraded to the one and only :-), the one we love and cherish today.

The creator of the smiley face

Kelvin MacKenzie was born 1946 in Thanet, Kent, in England and he would be the first ever person to use an emoji, now you see them everywhere 🙂
It is really funny when you think about it, a small detail that ended up dominating world’s social media platforms.

They all start small you know? First emojis, then music, then games! Let’s talk games. Computer games have been around since forever, and by forever I mean really 1958. There are some speculations saying that the first emoticon was used somewhere back in 1648 but it’s nothing certain or set in stone, we’ll have to settle with 1958 for now.

When physicists invent the world’s first video game. Physicists? Really? Don’t believe me, look it up yourself, I know my dear Wikipedia would never lie to me, we’ve been through too much together, to much information assimilated in such short time. Anyway, back to the first game, it was a simple tennis game, fun fact : that’s when the world’s first rage quit was recorded too. You see what I mean? It’s nothing grand or world changing.

It’s something relatively simple, or is it? Simple as it may seem, the game took some time to be created, we should be appreciative of it. The trend was picked up by other people, they wanted more, so they created more video games. Now, in 2017, you can find any type of video game imaginable for your own taste, but what about other platforms? Sure we have consoles which have changed the world forever but I mean what if we go to a smaller, lighter type of possibilities. That’s when smart phones come into play.

Evolution of technology

Games have evolved throughout the years and they ended up even on phones, in fact there’s so many games on mobile phones that the supply is way bigger than the demand. Lots of popular games have a highly active player base, most of those developers have found different ways of making a profit from their creations.

Most popular out of them all are micro transactions, basically : you pay to get a certain item/power up in game. Nowadays even single player games have their fair share of micro transactions, be it Loot Boxes or Skins. Things have escalated quite quickly and people got lazy, they wouldn’t pay for their in game items, so they started cheating, literally. There are thousands of cheats out there for every game you can think of, for the lazy people who want a quick hit and run.

Some people especially the beginners always ask if it’s worth using a cheat in a game. You may accept that game ought to be played according to each players capacity, and will not need to cheat the game.

It doesn’t seem fair does it? People can just go and cheat their way through a game, but it is what it is. We can’t really change what is happening and we have to adapt to it, now I know this conversation took a rather interesting turn but it was great to let the thoughts just flow through this article, quite fun I’d say, also I want to know what everyone thinks about these kind of posts, feel free to leave a comment below or even contact me through email, I’d love to hear your opinion. Below you can find a list of sources from which I inspired. Thank you for bearing with me through this, I’ll see you next time with hopefully, an even more interesting article for you, take care now.

Credit goes to these guys :

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Last but not least my friend Andrew for coming up with the idea.

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